KristinM is happy to collaborate with you and your business if you have a special occasion, or an idea, that you would like to honour with beautiful jewellery.

So far Kristin has collaborated with:



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a-england is most amazing nail varnish brand with not only the most beautiful stories to each colour, but also behind the brand. Adina, the founder of a england, has a real passion for all that is England especially roses, so came to KristinM, once she had discovered the ‘stop and Smell the Roses’ collection. Together they worked on a small collection of earrings, pins and necklaces which KristinM handmade for a england to sell on their website, to her loyal customers and fans. 





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The Waterside Inn is a three Michelin star restaurant founded by The Roux Brothers in 1972. In 2015 The Waterside celebrated 30 years of retaining all it’s three stars. KristinM had the honour of making Waterside pins for staff and guests to celebrate this amazing achievement.